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Kristin Iden

Senior Manager, Data, IT and Web Systems

As Senior Manager, Data, IT & Web Services, Kristin helps create the systems that support our network and keeps the team moving.

Kristin Rosenthal

Program Manager, U.S. Pedestrian & Bike Safety

Kristin had just turned 19 when she was hit by a car and hospitalized for three weeks. After six months of physical therapy, she returned to Michigan State University with a renewed focus on injury prevention. Kristin went on to earn a Master degree in health education from Wayne State University and gained valuable experience at the grassroots level. She now leads the pedestrian and bike safety programs for Safe Kids, dedicating her career to keeping all kids safe from cars

Lindsay Hansen

Lindsay previously worked at Safe Kids, first in water safety and then sports. An avid runner and former college basketball player, she has a passion for fitness and wellness. She holds a master's degree in public health from George Washington Univeristy.

Lorrie Walker

Training Manager and Technical Advisor, Safe Kids Buckle Up Program

With more than 26 years of experience, Lorrie Walker is one of the country’s most respected authorities in child passenger safety. Before joining Safe Kids in 2004, Lorrie served as the director of the Florida Traffic Safety Resource Center and assistant professor of research at Florida Atlantic University. Now, she oversees the national training program for more than 300 Safe Kids Coalitions throughout the United States and is expanding her work to provide guidance to other countries on issues of child passenger safety.

Margarita Kofalt

Project Coordinator, International Programs

Margarita came to the United States from Russia at the age of 10 and received her B.A. degree in psychology from the College of William and Mary. Having grown up in an environment that wasn’t always safe for children, Margarita is thrilled to be working with the international team to make a difference for children’s safety around the world. She is responsible for regular communication with network members, coordinating international projects and providing support to the international team.

Mark Isaac

Mark Isaac works in the global network department at Safe Kids Worldwide, where he leads the Safe Roads |Safe Kids campaign, a worldwide effort to reduce deaths and injuries to children on and around our roads. He also works to ensure that all global network members, in the United States and abroad, have the resources and support they need to make progress in reducing unintentional injuries. In his spare time, he likes to play hopscotch, tiddlywinks, and jacks.

Martha Wilcox

Chief Marketing Officer

When Martha used to buckle her young son, Rob, into his car seat, or reach for his hand to cross the street, she would say, “What’s my job?” Rob would answer, “To keep me safe!” Now, two decades later, Martha’s job is to keep all kids safe. She oversees all aspects of marketing and communications with energy and creativity that are truly contagious. In addition to an innate drive to help parents keep their kids safe, Martha has extensive experience in marketing and communications, including leading major campaigns for the USO and the American Red Cross.

Melissa Daily

Programs Intern

Melissa is a rising junior at the University of Michigan majoring in International Studies with a concentration in Global Health and minoring in Chinese. At Safe Kids she works closely with Home Safety and Pedestrian/Bike Safety Programs. As Programs intern, she is able to explore her interests in public health, non-profit management and education.

Priti Gautam

Program Manager, International Pedestrian Safety

Priti has been committed to improving global health since the first time she visited her extended family in Nepal at age 13. Since then, Priti has devoted much of her personal and professional time to seeing this change, and has worked with various governmental and non-governmental organizations in the United States and internationally to address the health needs of the most vulnerable populations.

Rennie Ferguson

Injury Epidemiologist, MHS, CPH

Rennie’s passion for injury prevention research began when she worked at the National Capital Poison Center as program associate and educator. She acquired new skills in her master’s program at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, which allowed her to study trends in childhood injury risk areas. In her work at Safe Kids, Rennie explores emerging trends in the field and collaborates with injury prevention leaders to reduce childhood injury.