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Medication safety report shows children often get into grandparent's medication
Safe Kids Worldwide released a new research report identifying new insights into why kids are getting into medicine nearly 500,000 times per year.
Baby placed in a safe sleep position
The results from our new survey found that virtually all moms say they know the rules for safe baby slumber. However, only 66% follow this advice.
Family enjoys watching the Super Bowl on a properly secured TV
Safe Kids Worldwide marks February 1 as National TV Safety Day.
Walk safe and be seen this Halloween
Children are twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween than on any other day.
Toddler in Car Seat
Affluent, educated and young parents are worst offenders when it comes to buckling up on every ride.
Teen pedestrian study shows danger of distracted walking
New study finds 39 percent of distracted teens are texting while crossing. 1 in 5 High School Students Crosses the Street While Distracted by Technology.
New study reports on sports safety
Every 25 seconds, or 1.35 million times a year, a young athlete suffers a sports injury severe enough to go to the emergency room.
GM Foundation Donates $200,000 to Safe Kids Worldwide
To raise awareness about heatstroke safety, General Motors Foundation is providing $200,000 to support the Never Leave Your Child Alone in a Car campaign.
NHTSA warns parents of heatstroke danger
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Safe Kids highlight the dangers of child heatstroke in hot cars.
Never leave your child alone in a car
Following four tragic deaths in one week, NHTSA and Safe Kids headed to Nevada to highlight dangers of child heatstroke.