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Halloween Safety: A National Survey of Parents' Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors (October 2011)
Research Report
A spooky poll on parents and kids Halloween safety practices – what parents do and don’t do, and what they should and shouldn’t do.
A Look Inside American Family Vehicles: National Study of 79,000 Car Seats 2009-2010 (September 2011)
Research Report
Properly used child safety seats decrease the risk of death by 71 percent for infants and 54 percent for toddlers.
A National Survey of Parents' Attitudes and Self-Reported Behaviors Concerning Sports Safety (2011)
Research Report
This Safe Kids Worldwide national survey looks at how and what parents believe about children’s sports-related injuries, and where the knowledge gap is.
Distracted Drivers in School Zones - A National Report (2009)
Research Report
This is an in-depth research report on distracted driving in school zones conducted by Safe Kids Worldwide and its member coalitions throughout the U.S.
Raising Safe Kids: One Stage at a Time (March, 2009)
Research Report
Understanding the risks by the developmental stage is important to help parents protect children from serious injury.
Report to the Nation: Trends in Unintentional Childhood Injury Mortality and Parental Views on Child Safety (April 2008)
Research Report
Safe Kids Worldwide delves into the injuries, prevention strategies and facts surrounding childhood injury.
Latest Trends in Child Pedestrian Safety: A Five-Year Review (October 2007)
Research Report
While there has been a decrease in child pedestrian deaths, this review finds that it still ranks high in leading causes of injury-related death.
Safe Kids U.S. Summer Safety Ranking Report (April 2007)
Research Report
This report ranks U.S. states for child safety during the summer. It includes findings and recommendations from five key areas.
Safe Kids Checkup Events: A National Study (February 2007)
Research Report
This Safe Kids Worldwide report is a five-year study detailing the work done at car seat check-up events in the United States.