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 Video Start Safe Fire: Program Evaluation
Video 5 in the Start Safe Fire video series: How do you know if preschoolers and their parents are learning and practicing fire and burn safety at home?
 Video Start Safe Fire: Overview for Parents and Caregivers
This video gives parents and caregivers a quick overview of family-friendly materials designed to help keep families safe from fires and burns at home.
 Video Start Safe Fire: How to Prevent Fires and Burns at Home
Video 7 in the Start Safe Fire video series: It isn't hard to prevent fires and burns at home. Watch this video for simple steps parents can take.
 Video Start Safe Fire: Planning and Practicing Home Fire Drills
Video 8 in the Start Safe Fire video series: Kids have fire drills at school; it is important to practice at home too. Watch and learn how.
 Video Start Safe Fire: I Spot Something Hot
In this fun, animated video, Rover the Home Safety Hound and Freddie Flashlight teach children to stay away from things that might cause fire and burns.