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In and Around Cars

Did You Know?

  • Teenagers ages 15-19 years made up 73 percent (2,138) of motor vehicle occupant/driver fatalities among children in 2014.
  • Of those children ages 8 and under who died in vehicle crashes in 2014, 26 percent were not restrained by an age-appropriate device such as an infant seat, booster seat or seat belt.
  • Children should ride in the back seat until they are at least 13 years old.

Working For Change

Safe Kids works to address child safety in and around vehicles, from a baby’s first child restraint to the time he or she is behind the wheel. It is all part of the Safe Kids Buckle Up program

Our work includes comprehensive programs that focus on four important areas for protecting kids:

  • Child Passenger Safety.  Our certified technicians teach families how to use and install child restraints so children are safer on every ride. 
  • Heatstroke awareness and prevention. Heatstroke is the leading cause of non-crash, vehicle-related deaths for children under the age of 14.To help prevent tragic and unnecessary deaths due to heatstroke, Safe Kids and the General Motors Foundation created an awareness campaign called Never Leave Your Child Alone in a Car.  
  • Frontovers and Backovers. We work to educate the public on parking lot injuries known as "frontovers" and "backovers."  In an effort to raise awareness about these tragedies, Safe Kids created a program called Spot the Tot. 
  • Getting Ready to Drive. We provice education for preteens and teens before they drive. Our Countdown2Drive program was designed to teach preteens and young teens about safe driving before they start to drive. 


All of our work is rooted in evidence-based research on the importance and effectiveness of vehicle safety. We examine attitudes and current behaviors on vehicle safety issues and use our findings to create targeted and effective awareness campaigns to change behaviors.   

Public Policy

In addition to our programs, Safe Kids works to establish sensible legislation and make current federal highway legislation more kid-friendly regarding issues such as graduated licensing, drunk driving, distraction and heatstroke. Our work also includes ensuring that infants and small children are in child restraint systems in vehicles, making vehicles safer and fighting for strong drunk driving laws.


Our work to prevent injuries in and around vehicles is made possible by General Motors and the General Motors Foundation, widely recognized for their continuing commitment and dedication to children and families. 

Safe Kids also supports the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) “Where’s baby? Look before you lock” campaign.