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Award Winning Videos

One of our favorite ways to connect families with safety information is through videos. Check out some of our award-winning videos here. And subscribe to our YouTube channel to see new videos as they debut.


Imagine a world where all kids have a chance to grow up healthy and safe, no matter where they live.

Bubble Wrap

Having Trouble Installing Your Car Seat? We Can Help. Find a certified car seat technician in your area.

The Safe Kids Summer Intern Video

Ever wonder what it's like to be an intern at Safe Kids Worldwide. Here's an inside peak into our summer.

Moment of Silence

Watch this video and take a Moment of Silence when you cross the street: Devices Down and Head's Up.

Enjoy the Ride

Kids are watching more than we think, which is why it’s so important to remember to do those little things to stay safe.

Be Safe, Be Seen on Halloween

Here’s a group of funky dancing kids who show us it’s fun to be seen on Halloween.