Home Fire Drill Day on October 15 Encourages Families to Create Fire Escape Plan

Home Fire Drill Day

Written by former CEO & President, Kate Carr.

We all remember fire drills from school and now that we’re adults, many of us have fire drills at the office. But let me ask you this: Do you have a fire escape plan for your home? Would your kids know what to do in case of fire?

Every week, more than five children die from home fires. While many parents believe that they would have 10 minutes or more to get out of their homes during a fire, the reality is that you might have as little as two minutes.

This is Fire Prevention Week and Safe Kids is teaming with Nationwide’s Make Safe Happen program to encourage families to take advantage of Home Fire Drill Day.

On Saturday, October 15, we’re asking families to work together to create and practice a plan to ensure that they can escape quickly and safely during a home fire. Remember, once you make the plan, it’s just as important to practice it with your whole family. Pick a spot outside that is a safe distance away from your home, and practice getting there in under two minutes.

You can download a fire escape worksheet to create your own plan.

For more information on Home Fire Drill Day, visit safekids.org or homefiredrillday.com