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Brazil's Model School Zone Project

The School

School Name: Indio Piragibe Municipal School
City: Santa Rita, Paraiba
Number of Students: 482

The Issue

The roads and walking area surrounding Indio Piragibe Municipal School pose multiple hazards to students as they walk to school. Children must walk along dirt paths or broken pavement that is covered with trash and plants and travel across roads without crosswalks to get to school. Traffic signs indicating a school zone or speed limits cannot be seen by drivers, and there are no clear barriers between the road and the walking paths around the schools.

The Project

Safe Kids Brazil is partnering with a local non-governmental organization, Educar para o Transito, Educar para a Vida, to make this school zone safer for children. Working with parents, students and other stakeholders, the project will include the installation of crosswalks, sidewalks and traffic signs to improve the walking environment for the 482 students who attend Indio Piragibe Municipal School.

Where We Are

Progress on Brazil's Model School Zone - Intervention Stage


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