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Button Battery Safety

Learn more about the Safe Kids Worldwide Button Battery ProgramIn 2011, Energizer and Safe Kids joined together to create a partnership to share life-saving information with parents and caregivers about the potential risks of swallowing coin lithium batteries. The program shines a light on a growing issue and provides easy steps that parents and caregivers can take to prevent injuries and death to children. 

Energizer, working with the battery industry, has long supported the National Capital Poison Center’s research on issues related to battery ingestion, as well as its efforts to guide parents and health professionals caring for children who have swallowed batteries. The company has also reached out to electronics designers and manufacturers to share information on the risks and ways that they can help address this problem. Energizer also developed new packaging for coin-sized button batteries that is harder for children to open and includes improved safety warnings.


In 2012 Safe Kids coalitions conducted or participated in more than 146 local community events, distributing educational materials through community events. Through these events, Safe Kids reached approximately 14,000 parents and caregivers; healthcare professionals and safety experts; childcare providers; government and county employees; and coalition members, partners and volunteers. 

Button Batteries are a dangerous hazard for small childrenIn addition, Safe Kids promoted awareness in educational sessions such as babysitter classes, parenting classes, home safety workshops, home visitation programs, conference sessions, webinars, staff meetings and trainings.

Around the World

Small children around the world often have easy access to electronic devices, and many parents do not know the risk. Our Safe Kids partners around the world are working to educate parents and caregivers at the most appropriate locations, including health and safety events, educational sessions, physician offices, childcare centers and other businesses.