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Laundry Packet Safety

Did You Know

  • In 2017, there were 10,585 calls to poison centers related to laundry packet incidents.
  • That translates to about one call every hour about a child getting into a liquid laundry packet.
  • The impact is greatest among 1 and 2 year olds, as they are known to be explorers, and often learn by touch and by putting things into their mouths.
  • The potential effect can include loss of consciousness, excessive vomiting, difficulty breathing (requiring intubation), severe eye burns and irritation and temporary vision loss.

Working for Change

Safe Kids works to educate and raise awareness about how to protect children around liquid laundry packets. On a national level, traditional media and social media are helping to highlight the issue. On a local level, coalitions are providing parents and caregivers with tips and resources through community events and local media and social media outreach.


Safe Kids is working with Tide to promote laundry safety education across the United States. Our work together started in 2015 and continues to grow as we strive to reach new parents every year with this helpful safety information.

Additional Resources

We also offer resources to educate families about the risk and how to prevent injuries from occurring: