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Our Issues

Since its inception, Safe Kids Worldwide has been a leader in public policy, advocating on behalf of children across the United States.

Here's a Snapshot of Our Efforts

Bike and Helmet Safety

Our policy team works with coalitions across the United States to pass strong bike helmet laws. Read our Bike and Helmet Safety Policy Brief.

Fire and Burn Safety

Safe Kids advocates for stronger legislation to promote long-life smoke alarms to better protect families from fire and burns and to ensure that firefighters have the resources they need to protect us. Read our Fire and Burn Policy Brief.

Home Safety

Our policy team supports federal legislation to provide standards in the reporting of unexpected and unexplained infant deaths. Read our Home Safety Policy Brief.

Medication Safety

Safe Kids supports full federal funding for national poison control centers. Read our Medication Safety Policy Brief.

Pedestrian Safety

Safe Kids advocates for policy to make streets, highways and bike trails safer for kids, especially around schools. Read our Pedestrian Safety Policy Brief.

Sports Safety

We support state concussion laws and legislation that promotes children's sports safety, and efforts to ensure that protective gear is effective and meets the goals set by sellers. Read our Sports Safety Policy Brief.

Safety In and Around Cars

There is no better example of a place where public policy innovations have saved lives than on the road and in cars. Read our Safety In and Around Cars Policy Brief. 

Water Safety

Working with members of Congress, including Rep.Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), ourpolicy team passed legislation to establish standards for drains in pools and spas to protect kids from drowning and drain entrapment. Read our Water Safety Policy Brief.

Product Safety

Safe Kids advocates to remove dangerous children's products from the marketplace and ensure that federal agencies have the resources to continue the momentum they have. Read our Product and Safety News.

Budget and Appropriations

We support strong federal and state funding for important child safety programs. Read our Fiscal Cliff Report.