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Presentations from the 2013 Childhood Injury Prevention Conference

Here you can find the presentations from the Childhood Injury Prevention Conference, June 19-22, 2013. Washington D.C. Click on the blue name of the Workshop or the name of the speaker to donwload a presentation. All presentation open up in a new window.

Thursday, June 20

Workshop 1

Programs That Work for Your Audience: Planning and Evaluation

  • Grant Baldwin, PHD; Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Unintentional Injury Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
  • Carolyn Cumptsy Fowler, PhD, Assistant Professor and Evaluation Coordinator, Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing.

Tools for State Coalition Coordinators: Strategies for Smart Growth

High Tech Solutions That Work: Patterns in Injury Prevention

  • Sally Wilson, Education, Prevention, and Outreach Coordinator, Children's National Medical Center
  • Tareka Wheeler, Director of U.S. Programs, Safe Kids Worldwide
  • Stacy Woods, PhD. Candidate, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

New Communications Tools: Building Blocks to Make Your Message Stick

  • Mark Thwaites, Creative Director, FutureBrand
  • Gary Karton, Director of Communications, Safe Kids Worldwide
  • Jane Enright, Creative Services Manager, Safe Kids Worldwide

Advocacy 101: Making Your Case to Policy Makers

  • Stephen Wood, Principal, VH Strategies
  • Stacy Barton, Chief of Staff, Congressman Jon Runyan (RNJ)
  • J. T. Griffin, Vice President for Policy, Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Creating a "Safety Culture" for Child Passengers: Three Perspectives

Download all presentations avaliable from Workshop 2 (.zip)

Workshop 2

Reaching New Parents: An Opportunity to Make a Difference

Development: How to Set and Achieve Your Fundraising Goals

  • John Campbell, Director of Development and Strategic Partnerships, Safe Kids Worldwide
  • Pam Fair, Program Supervisor, Safe Kids Columbus, GA
  • Linda K. Brees, MS, Director, Safe Kids Upstate 

Fire and Burn Prevention: Inspiration from the Field

  • Ray Reynolds, State Fire Marshal, Iowa Department of Public Safety
  • Dan Dillard, Executive Director, Burn Prevention Network
  • Monica Cui, Chief Representative and Executive Director, Safe Kids China

Pedestrian Safety: Walking the Walk

Scoring With Sports Programs: Winning Strategies

  • Amy Teddy, Injury Prevention Program Manager, University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children's Hospital
  • Deb Carpenter, Coordinator, Safe Kids Kalamazoo
  • Amanda Kelly, Coordinator, Safe Kids Stark County

Download all presentations avaliable from Workshop 2 (.zip)

Workshop 3

Safe Kids Day: The Beginning of a Great Tradition.

  • Sally Kreuscher, Coordinator, Safe Kids Lee/Collier County
  • Zoraida Ettrick, Coordinator, Safe Kids Maricopa County
  • Kelly Powell, Coordinator, Safe Kids Palm Beach County
  • Alana Juteau, Development Associate, Safe Kids Worldwide

Public Policy Master Class: Low Budget, Highly Creative Advocacy

  • Daniele Baierlein, Principal, Podesta Group
  • Stefanie Moerzheuser, President, Safe Kids Germany
  • Amy Niles Gonzales, President, Blueprint Interactive
  • Henri Makembe, Partner, Beekeeper Group

Storytelling: Putting a Face on Child Injury Prevention

  • Kara Corridan, Health Director, Parents Magazine
  • Angelica Mungarro Baker, Child Passenger Safety Coordinator, Phoenix Children's Injury Prevention Center
  • Reggie McKinnon, Parent Advocate

Global Data Collection and Analysis: Generating Evidence for Action

  • Ann Weaver, MD, PhD, Executive Director, Safekids New Zealand
  • Rosa Gallego, Executive Director, Fundacion Gonzalo Rodriguez Safe Kids Uruguay

Download all presentations avaliable from Workshop 3 (.zip)

Friday, June 21

Workshop 4

Watch Out! New Trends in Distraction

  • Theresa Covington, PhD, MPH, Director, National Center for the Review and Prevention of Infant Deaths
  • Yvette Pugh, Director, External Affairs, AT&T
  • Maria Vegega, PhD, Division Chief Impaired Driving, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Capacity Building: Developing Programs That Save Lives

  • Jamila Porter, Assistant Director of Programs, Safe States Alliance
  • Susan Yates, Training Coordinator, Colorado Children's

Hospital Based Injury Surveillance: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Karen Brock Gallo, Coordinator, Safe Kids Connecticut
  • Rennie Ferguson, Injury Epidemiologist, Safe Kids Worldwide
  • Holly Hedegaard, MD, Injury Epidemiologist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Centers for Health Statistics

Working in Rural Communities: Strategies that Make a Difference

  • Jo Sitton, Coordinator, Safe Kids Jasper Newton
  • Marsha Salzwedel, Director, National Children's Center for Rural and Agricultural Health
  • Pam Hoogerwerf, Community Outreach and Injury Prevention Manager, University of Iowa Children's Hospital
  • Kristel Wetjen, Trauma Nurse Coordinator, University of Iowa

The Water's Fine: Breaking Through on Pool Safety

Download all presentations avaliable from Workshop 4 (.zip)

Workshop 5

Child Restraint Systems: Addressing Misuse Through Research and Action

  • Mark Zonfrillo, MD, Director, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Center for Injury Research and Prevention, Child Passenger Safety
  • Sharon Levi, Head of Research, Beterem/Safe Kids Israel
  • Susan Rzucidlo, Coordinator, Safe Kids Dauphin County

Working with Lead Agencies and Stakeholders: Secrets to Successful Partnerships

Medication Safety: Safe Storage, Safe Dosing, Safe Kids

  • Jessica Quinones, Editorial Director, National Partnerships, Scholastic
  • Loreeta Canton, Director of Public Relations, American Association of Poison Control Centers
  • Erin Donaldson, Coordinator, Safe Kids KenoshaRacine
  • Megan Popielarczyk, Public Health Fellow, Safe Kids Georgia

Emerging Risks in the Home: What Curious Kids are Getting Into Today.

Download all presentations avaliable from Workshop 5 (.zip)

Workshop 6

Occupant Protection: From PreDrivers to Teen Drivers

  • Dennis Durbin, MD, MSCE, Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Emergency Medicine, CoScientific Director, Center for Injury Research and Prevention, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Sandy Sinclair, Program Manager, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Adriane Burgess, Coordinator, Safe Kids York
  • Wes Williams, York County Sheriff's Office, York, PA 

Open Bodies of Water: How New Research and Partnerships Can Prevent Drowning

Culturally Speaking: How to Speak Safety in Different Cultures

Changes that Save Lives: Making Safer Routes for Kids

  • Charles Zegeer, Associate Director for Engineering and Planning, UNC Highway Safety Research Center
  • Dan Gelinne, Project Coordinator, UNC Highway Safety Research Center
  • Hong Bui, Program Coordinator, Safe Kids Vietnam

Social Media: Tips to Sharpen Your Skills

  • Katya Andresen, President and COO/Incoming CEO, ePals
  • Jessica Saunders, Community Relations Manager, Safe Kids Greater Dayton
  • Line StorgaardConley, Director Digital and Social Media, Safe Kids Worldwide

Download all presentations avaliable from Workshop 6 (.zip)

Workshop 7

Sports Concussion Diagnosis: The Science and the Heart of It

  • Gerard Gioia, MD, PhD, Director, Concussions Safe Concussions Outcome Recovery & Education(SCORE) Program, Children's National Medical Center
  • Beth Mallon, President, CEO and Founder, Advocates for Injured Athletes
  • Jason P. Mihalik, PhD, Assistant Professor Exercise and Sports Science, UNC at Chapel Hill

Reaching Teens: Peer to Peer Approaches to Safety

  • Hilda Crespo, Board Chair, National Organization for Youth Safety
  • Diana Starace, Coordinator, Safe Kids Middlesex County
  • Amber Kroeker, Coordinator, Safe Kids Huron Valley

Creative Teaching Strategies: When Words are Not Enough

  • Chatchai ImArom, MD, Pediatrics Doctor and Researcher, CSIP Safe Kids Thailand
  • Rupa Kothari, Executive Director, Safe Kids Foundation, India
  • Pumla Mtambeka, Assistant Director, ChildSafe Safe Kids South Africa
  • Paco de Anda, Executive Director, Safe Kids Mexico

Bike Safety in Your Community: Rodeos and Other Techniques

  • Paula Bawer, Bicycle Safety and SRTS Program Manager, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • LeeAnn Mortensen, Coordinator, Safe Kids Northwest Metro Minneapolis
  • Christopher Neumann, Interim Executive Director, American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
  • Katie Smith, Coordinator, Safe Kids California

Safe Sound and Asleep: Preventing Infant Suffocation

Download all presentations avaliable from Workshop 7 (.zip)

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