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Safe School Zones

Learn more about the Safe Kids Worldwide Environmental Task ForcesEach year, communities around the globe create local working communities with the goal of improving pedestrian conditions for children by making long-term environmental improvements. 

In 2010, Safe Kids Worldwide partnered with the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center (HSRC) to conduct two-day pedestrian safety workshops, which equipped in the U.S. with effective tools and knowledge to successfully implement the project.

Projects are comprehensive in approach, involving engineering, education and enforcement solutions. Once implemented, HSRC staff evaluates the impact of the projects in reducing crashes.

Examples of environmental improvements that coalitions are completing include:

  • Installing high-visibility crosswalks and flashing lights.
  • Installing pedestrian safety lights and countdown timers.
  • Adding solar-powered flashing school zone and speed limit signs.
  • Adding crossing signs.
  • Adding a curb to a school entrance.
  • Replacing and retrofitting signal heads.