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Start Safe: Travel

Learn more about the Safe Kids Worldwide Start Safe Travel Program

Safe Kids coalitions conduct transportation safety educational programs at Head Start centers across the county on child pedestrian, school bus, bike, railroad and passenger safety.

Thanks to a grant from Union Pacific as part of their Community Ties Giving Program, Safe Kids was able to provide grants to coalitions to teach parents and educators the safest ways to transport children, including how to prevent railroad-related injuries.

Participating coalitions receive materials and funding to educate parents and caregivers on best practices in keeping their children safe and how to promote safe behavior.

Previous Results

In 2011, Safe Kids provided 100 grants to coalitions to educate instructors at Head Start centers about child pedestrian, school bus and passenger safety. Participating coalitions received materials and a grant to train Head Start instructors and host a car seat checkup event for the families and caregivers of Head Start center students. The implementation of this program at Head Start Centers yielded a 15 percent increase in knowledge received by the parents and caregivers who took part in the pilot year.

The newest Start Safe Travel Program launched in September 2018. We will continue to add new results to the updated program as they come.