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Take Action to Prevent Distracted Walking

Pedestrian deaths by age graphicThe Issue

Teens account for 50 percent of all pedestrian deaths among kids ages 19 and under. And injuries among older teens are on the rise – an increase of 25 percent over the previous five years. Distraction is a likely reason. Help stop these tragedies from happening. Get the facts and spread the word. Join Safe Kids and FedEx and take action today.

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Take Action

It only takes a few seconds while typing on your cell phone to become distracted. That's why it's so important to put your devices down when crossing the street. Yet one in five high school students crosses the street while distracted – most while texting or wearing headphones. Spread the word about the dangers of distraction and make your voice heard. Click on the tabs to get started.


As parents, learn what you need to do to help keep your kids safe while walking. Take the pledge, read our tips and share these resources with your family and community. Get started today.


Help prevent distraction by educating yourself: take the pledge, tell your friends and share with your school. Talk to your class president and student government about ways they can get involved.


Help prevent distracted walking within your organization and make a difference in your community. Get the facts and share safety information with your staff and community. Spread the word today.


Want to help educate parents and teens about the dangers of distracted walking? Post the info below on your blog or share on Facebook or Twitter.

All Tools

For those who like everything at their fingertips, here's our full toolkit to help you speak out about distracted walking

Take The Pledge

Help raise awareness about the dangers of distracted walking by participating in the Moment of Silence Campaign. Our goal: to get parents and teens to put their devices down when crossing the street and take a pledge to make it happen. Will you help? Here's how to get started

Take the Moment of Silence Pledge

Christina's Story

On Halloween morning in 2012, 15-year-old Christina Morris-Ward was killed while crossing the street just two blocks from her high school. Christina was wearing headphones and looking down at her phone when an oncoming car hit her in the middle of an intersection. Read more.