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TV and Furniture Tip-Overs

Learn more about out TV and Furniture Tipover ProgramIn December 2012, Safe Kids started a new initiative to highlight television and furniture safety. The national awareness campaign was created to inform families of the dangers of television and furniture tip-overs and educate parents on what to do to prevent these tragedies. 

The campaign includes new research on the risk to children of TV and furniture tip-overs and highlights that children under 5 are the most likely age group to suffer serious injury. 

To help spread the word, Safe Kids works closely with national and local media to target messages to parents on the importance of securing TVs and furniture in their homes. Safe Kids coalitions work on the ground to educate families about the issue and distribute important safety tips and materials within local communities. 

Learn more, including information and tips for parents.


Safe Kids provided 24 grants in 16 states to coalitions that have existing home safety programs. Each coalition received education materials and mounting solutions to use for demonstration during planned education sessions. More than 25,000 tips sheets were distributed at community events, to doctors’ offices, and in hospital waiting rooms. 

Since the launch of our national campaign to raise awareness about TV and furniture tip-overs, we’ve reached more than 272 million people with important safety messages. Safe Kids promotes safety information through social media and highlighted stories of family advocates, who courageously share their stories to raise awareness and inspire more people to get involved. 

Around the World

Safe Kids is working with SANUS to engage several European countries to raise global awareness about the dangers of TV and furniture tip-overs and target additional audiences with educational messages. Our work to expand global outreach in this area started in early 2013 and continues to gain momentum.