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TV and Furniture Tip-Overs

Did You Know?

  • There has been a 31 percent increase in TV tip-over related injuries over the past 10 years.
  • Seven out of 10 children injured by TV tip-overs are 5 or younger.
  • A 36-inch CRT television falling three feet creates the same momentum as a 1-year-old child falling 10 stories.
  • Approximately $8.3 million is spent each year in medical costs to treat children ages 19 and under in emergency rooms from TV tip-over injuries.

Working for Change

Safe Kids works to educate parents and caregivers about the dangers of TV and furniture tip-overs and the importance of securing TVs and furniture at home.


Safe Kids conducts research to study the behavior of parents and caregivers as it relates to TV and furniture tip-overs. In 2012, Safe Kids released the following research report: A Report to the Nation on Home Safety: The Dangers of TV Tip-Overs. The information informs our advocacy efforts and awareness programs. 

Additional Resources

We also offer the following tools to teach and remind families about tv and furniture safety: