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Working for Change

The Model School Zone project works toward four types of change in each school zone: Environment, Knowledge, Policy and Enforcement, and Behavior.


Working-for-ChangeThese changes involve physical modifications to the infrastructure around the school. Examples might include building sidewalks, creating crosswalks, and installing speed limit and traffic signs.


Safe Walking InstructionIncreasing awareness and knowledge among the kids, parents and drivers in the community about safe walking and driving is essential. Everyone needs to understand the safest ways to behave in the newly created environments.

Policy and Enforcement

Safe Walking ZoneParents and kids are not the only players in creating safe walking environments around schools. Lawmakers and enforcers are equally responsible. This includes their roles in setting policies, establishing and enforcing speed limits, ticketing drivers and illegally parked vehicles, and managing street vendors.


BehaviorIt isn't enough just to develop a safe place to walk and provide safety education and training. To save lives, we must change the actions of children and drivers so that everyone remains safe.