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Model School Zone

A Safer Walk to School

Creating safer walking environments for children around schools

Learn more about the international program Model School Zones

School is such an important part of a child's day.  All kids deserve a safe walk to school so they can continue to learn and grow and be successful in the future.

Too often, getting to and from school is a dangerous journey for our kids, especially in areas that do not have sidewalks or paths, and where walkers share the roadways with motor vehicles.

The problem is global: Road traffic accidents are a leading cause of death for school-age children around the world.

The United Nations declared a Decade of Action for Road Safety, 2011-2020, to reduce deaths and injuries that occur on the road. In support of this global initiative, Safe Kids Worldwide, through the generous support of FedEx, is undertaking a pilot project to create safe zones around schools so kids can walk to school in safer environments.

Working for Change

The project works toward four types of change in each school zone. Learn more about how we work for change.

  • Environment
  • Knowledge
  • Policy and
  • Enforcement

Follow Our Progress

Each project works in three phases. Learn more about each phase.

  • Phase I: Assessment
  • Phase II: Interventions
  • Phase III: Evaluation

Ten Countries, Ten Schools

SAfe Kids is helping kids walk safe around the world.

Safe Kids Worldwide is working with 10 schools, one in each of 10 different countries, to develop safer school zones. By doing so, we hope to create evidence-based interventions to increase child pedestrian safety that could serve as models for other schools around the world.

Over the next year, we will follow the journey taken by communities in Brazil, Canada, China, India, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand, the United States and Vietnam and watch the transformation of the selected schools.