AVs are currently in development and being tested on public roads. Now is the time to consider the unique needs of children, our most vulnerable passengers, when it comes to this emerging form of transportation.

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Our work focuses on ensuring that child safety needs are actively reflected in new vehicle designs, regulations, laws, and educational messaging. We are encouraged by the expansion of advanced driver assistance technologies and automated driving features and their promising potential to prevent or mitigate crashes caused by human error. Our priority is to ensure that stakeholders consider the safety needs of families as these technologies continue to evolve, thereby minimizing the risk of injury and death. Much of the work on this website which is focused on the needs of children under 19 in automated vehicles, was developed by the Children in Automated Vehicles Consortium based on publicly available information between June 2019 - March 2021. The Safe Kids in Automated Vehicles Alliance (SKAVA) is now continuing to move the needle forward. SKAVA members include researchers, vehicle- and child-restraint manufacturers, law enforcement officers, consumer advocacy groups, communications experts, EMS and fire safety professionals, an attorney, public health organizations, and others.