Before we can educate parents and caregivers, we must educate ourselves about automated vehicles. Child passenger safety curricula have not yet been adapted to address these developing technologies.

“We don’t know exactly what the future will look like, but no matter what their future holds we will be working to ensure that all children can move through every part of our transportation system safely.”

Pete Buttigieg, Secretary
U.S. Department of Transportation
PrevCon, July 2021

This 6-minute video highlights statements made by transportation safety experts during the Safe Kids in Automated Vehicles (SKAVA) launch in 2021. The insights shared demonstrate why efforts to prioritize the safety needs of children are important as we transition toward more automated driving systems.

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The Consortium has developed an initial set of materials to help educate the safety community about children in AVs. We encourage you to use these resources and provide attribution to the Consortium. Have questions or feedback on the materials? Email us at [email protected]


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Child safety needs should be actively reflected in new automated vehicle designs, regulations, laws and educational messaging. We are encouraged by the expansion of advanced driver assistance technologies and automated driving features, and by their promising potential to prevent or mitigate crashes caused by human error. We must also ensure that stakeholders consider the safety needs of families as these technologies continue to evolve, thereby minimizing the risk of injury and death.


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Safe Kids recognizes the important role that CPS technicians and the safety community will play in educating families around this issue and being a credible source of information as this technology develops. We will continue to develop and implement educational materials and resources for the field to ensure that key stakeholders are knowledgeable and prepared to serve families and communities.