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One of the best ways to keep kids safe is to spread the word. And that’s where you and the rest of our Shout Out Team come into play. 

Every few weeks, we’ll have something for you on our website. It might be a new video, an interesting blog, an intriguing statistic or a captivating graphic. One thing is for sure: It will always be a compelling way to help keep the kids in your life safe.  

All we ask of you is that you share it with your family, friends and anyone you know who cares about children. It’s that simple, but it will make a big difference for kids around the world.

And that’s what the Shout Out Team is all about.

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Spread the Word About Global Road Safety

Safe Kids is joining people all over the world in taking action to help keep kids safe on the roads. Please help us spread the word about the United Nations Child Declaration for Road Safety, which urges global leaders to take action to make roads safer for every kid.

The number of vehicles on the road is expected to double worldwide by 2030. We must take action to end the epidemic of traffic injuries now.

Spread the Word

Please sign the declaration and share it on your social media channels to spread the word about global road safety.

Thanks for your dedication to keeping kids safe.

Join the Shout Out Team

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