Kids in AVs

Focusing on Child Safety in Autonomous Vehicles

This is an exciting and important time for the road safety community. Exciting because the emergence of self-driving cars or autonomous vehicles (AVs) offer great potential to reduce injuries and save lives as well as enhance mobility for diverse groups in our society. Important because now is the time to consider the unique needs of children, our most vulnerable passengers, when it comes to this emerging form of transportation.

Safety Community Leads the Way on Children in Autonomous Vehicles

In 2018, Safe Kids Worldwide convened a Blue Ribbon Panel (BRP) comprised of top-level child safety and transportation experts to study the issue of passenger safety for all children under age 13. In response to one of the BRP’s recommendations, Safe Kids Worldwide is convening a new Consortium to provide guidance for those who are developing regulations, legislations, policies and best practices for children for years to come. 

Photo (circle) of a straight roadBlue Ribbon Panel on Children in  Autonomous Vehicles

In 2018, Safe Kids Worldwide chaired a Blue Ribbon Panel on on Children in  Autonomous vehicles to ensure the needs of children are at the forefront of AV testing and development.

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Photo (circle) of a curved roadConsortium on Protecting Children in Autonomous Vehicles

Based on recommendations from the Blue Ribbon Panel, Safe Kids is organizing a consortium of pioneers to protect children in autonomous vehicles.

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