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July 2014 Children's Products Safety Recalls

Safe Kids is committed to keeping you informed about recalls of kids’ oriented products. While it is important to keep aware of all recalls, Safe Kids urges you to pay particular attention to ones in red, as they are associated with one or more deaths.

07/01/14 NHTSA: Graco is voluntarily recalling certain rear-facing child restraints because the buckle may become stuck in the latched position, making it difficult to remove a child from the restraint system. This is in addition to the more than 4 million car seats previously recalled by Graco because of the latch. Units: 1,910,102


07/14/2014 CPSC: GSK is voluntarily recalling Panadol Advance bottles because the packaging is not child resistant, as required by law. Units: 10,600 

07/14/2014 USDA: The US Department of Agriculture is continuing its enforcement action involving Foster Farms which included the recall of chicken because of Salmonella. Three of the company’s California plants may be shut down.

07/10/14 CPSC: Gemini is voluntarily recalling chargers because the adaptors may overheat, posing a burn hazard. Units: 31,000

07/10/14 CPSC: Lifeguard Press is voluntarily recalling cell phone and tablet charging kits because the wall charger can overheat and emit smoke and sparks, posing shock and fire hazards to the consumer. Units: 25,400

07/08/14 FDA: Whole Foods Market is voluntarily recalling Caesar salad and Mesclun Goat Cheese salad due to mislabeled and undeclared fish, eggs, and tree nuts, posing a possible allergen hazard.

07/03/14 CPSC: Big Fireworks is voluntarily recalling mock sword fireworks because the handheld device may unexpectedly explode, posing burn and impact hazards. Units: 1,040

07/01/14 CPSC: Sony is voluntarily recalling flip PC laptops because the computers’ lithium-ion batteries may overheat, posing fire and burn hazards. Units: 680

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Storage Furniture.
Lane Home Furniture: 12 million

Car Seats.
Graco: 3.8 million

Wall Mounted Lamps.
Ikea: 3.5 million

Rear-Facing Child Restraints
Graco: 1.9 million

Pacifier Holding Clips.
Playtex: 1.25 million

Car Seats.
Evenflo: 1.3 million

Bed Canopies.
Ikea: 255,000