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October 2008 Product Safety Recalls

10/01/08 - BRP U.S. Inc. Recalls Youth All Terrain Vehicles Due to Collision Hazard

10/02/08 - John Jaques & Son Recalls Lawn Dart Games Due to Risk of Puncture

10/07/08 - Children's Necklaces, CD and MP3 Players Sold at Limited Too and Justice Stores Recalled by Tween Brands Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard

10/08/08 - Outdoor Playset Gliders Recalled by Backyard Play Systems Due to Fall Hazard; New Assembly Instructions Provided

10/08/08 - CPSC and Chance Rides Manufacturing Announce Recall to Inspect and Repair YO-YO Amusement Rides

10/08/08 - Rack Room Shoes Recalls Girls’ Sandals Due to Choking Hazard

10/09/08 - Hasbro Inc. Recalls to Repair Nerf Blasters; Child’s Skin Can Get Caught in Plunger of the Toy

10/09/08 - Gas Vent Dampers Recalled by Effikal Due to Carbon Monoxide Hazard

10/14/08 - Bar Magnets Recalled by Home Science Tools Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard

10/15/08 - Toy Boats Recalled Due to Burn Hazard

10/16/08 - My Way Corp. Recalls Baby Walkers Due to Stairway Fall Hazard

URGENT 10/16/08 - Infant Death Prompts Recall of Convertible Cribs by Playkids USA; Crib Poses Entrapment and Suffocation Hazards

URGENT 10/21/08 - Infant Death Prompts Recall To Repair 600,000 Drop Side Cribs By Delta Enterprise; Spring Peg Failure Can Cause Entrapment and Suffocation Hazards

URGENT 10/21/08 - Infant Death Prompts Recall to Repair 985,000 Delta Enterprise Drop Side Cribs; Missing Safety Pegs Can Cause Entrapment and Suffocation Hazards

10/23/08 - YMCA Trading Recalls Lighters Due to Potential Burn Hazard to Children

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Top 3 Food Recalls

Number 1 food recallPurple Cow Cookie Butter Ice Cream
Undeclared Pecans
House of Flavors

Number 2 food recall Frozen Pepperoni Pizza
Whole Foods

Number 3 food recallSalad in a Bag
Listeria Monocytogenes


Chests and dressers
IKEA: 27 million

Storage Furniture
Lane Home Furniture: 12 million

Coffee Makers
Keurig: 7.2 million

Macaroni & Cheese
Kraft: 6.5 million

Notebook Power Cords
HP: 6 million

Graco: 5 million

Bean Bag Chairs
Ace Bayou: 2.2 million