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February 2013 Product Safety Recalls

2/28/2013 CPSC: Balsam Hill is voluntarily recalling pre-lit Christmas trees due to burn and shock hazards.

2/27/2013 FDA: Zachary Confections, Inc. is voluntarily recalling Zachary Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Eggs due to possible Salmonella contamination.

2/26/2013 CPSC: Dynacraft is voluntarily recalling Monster High City Motor Scooters due to fall hazard.

2/26/2013 CPSC: Dynacraft is voluntarily recalling Hello Kitty City Motor Scooters due to fall hazard.

2/22/2013 FDA: King Arthur Flour is voluntarily recalling flour due to the presence of a foreign object.

2/21/2013 FDA: Mondelēz Global LLC is voluntarily recalling belVita breakfast biscuit apple cinnamon and chocolate varieties due to the presence of metal fragments.

2/21/2013 FDA: Mandy Star Trading Inc. is voluntarily recalling "Good Taste" brand preserved fruits due to the presence of undeclared sulfites.

2/19/2013 FDA: BBU, Inc. is voluntarily recalling bread due to possible presence of flexible wire caused by a faulty screen at a flour mill.

2/15/2013 FDA: The Muffin "Mam", Inc. is voluntarily recalling 24oz Strawberry Crème Cake as they contain undeclared whole eggs ingredient.

2/14/2013 CPSC: John Deere is voluntarily recalling Gator utility vehicles due to fire hazard.

2/14/2013 FDA: Associated Milk Producers Inc. is voluntarily recalling pudding due to undeclared milk.

2/13/2013 FDA: Domega NY International Co. is voluntarily recalling Green Day Brand dried coconut due to undeclared sulfites.

2/13/2013 CPSC: MJC is voluntarily recalling Purr-Fection stuffed animals with flashlights due to laceration hazard. Sold exclusively at Cabela’s.

2/7/2013  CPSC: Mutsy USA is voluntarily recalling EVO strollers due to strangulation hazard.

2/6/2013  CPSC: 4moms is voluntarily recalling Play Yard sheets that are used on the bottom of playpens due to entrapment hazard.

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