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Avoid ACL injuries
Female athletes are eight times more likely to have ACL injuries than male athletes.
As the program manager for sports safety, where much of my work is focused on keeping kids healthy and in top shape for sports, I’m inspired by the young athletes I meet or hear about each day.
Concussion Coach Blog
A field hockey coach shares her experience with concussions.
Don’t think heatstroke could happen to your child? It only takes a few minutes for a car to heat up and become deadly to a child.
One of the things that inspires me to find creative and fun ways to keep kids safe every day is knowing that there’s a whole world of people working together to do the exact same thing.
At Safe Kids Worldwide, we work with families to make sure that first ride, and every ride, is a safe one.
Button Battery safety
Each year in the United States almost 3,000 kids – or one every three hours – swallow a button battery.
Stories and tips for Summer Camp
I knew I was in for it when the latrine caught on fire in the middle of the night.
Make sure you have working smoke detectors.
I’m writing to you today with a heavy heart. Three adults and four children died in a home fire.
Never leave a child alone in a car
Many people are shocked to learn how hot the inside of a car can actually get.