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Halloween Kid
If there is one thing this "storm of the century" has taught us, it's the importance of family, friends and being safe.
If there is one thing this “storm of the century” has taught us, it’s the importance of planning ahead and being safe.
Champions Image
Our kids don't have lobbyists or political action committees. In this election cycle, they can't vote. But their voices must be heard.
Fire Safety
Every day at least one child dies from a home fire and nearly 300 children suffer from injuries as a result of a fire or burn, all preventable.
In honor of National Fire Prevention Week, the U.S. Fire Administration and Safe Kids Worldwide are challenging all households to conduct a home fire drill.
We held a bipartisan event on Sept. 20 to educate our friends on Capitol Hill about preventing unintentional injury, the #1 killer of kids in America.
When my first daughter was born, we took her home in a Moses basket. I would have done anything to protect my baby. I just didn't know any better.
Pedestrian safety
Safe Kids and FedEx released a new report with some surprising statistics on walking safely to school.
Heatstroke Image
The alarm to parents and caregivers to never leave a child alone in a car sounded louder last week after three more children died of heatstroke in cars.
Keeping informed of the latest product recalls is one important way you can keep your children safe from harmful products.