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Alabama (State page|Law Ranking)

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Coach TrainingYes2
Coach CertificateNo0
Parental form ACK recieved infoYes1
Athlete form ACK recieved infoYes1
Return to Play ProtocolYes1
Medical Clearance for Return to PlayYes1
Coverage of schools, public and private, non-school recreational sportsPublic
Return to LearnNo0
Limit on full contactNo0
Total Score 8


  • A coach is required to obtain educational training on the identification and management of concussions, sometimes from specific sources.
  • Parents and coaches sign forms acknowledging they received information about concussions.
  • Laws provide that there must be a protocol in place that an athlete suspected of having sustained a concussion must be removed from play and returned to play only after signed medical clearance.
  • For medical clearance, points are determined as follows. Medical clearance by health professionals without training in concussions counts as one point; training adds a point; including certified athletic trainers among the health professionals earns a point.
  • The stay applies sanctions for coaches and/or schools for violations of the law.
  • Laws are evaluated based on their sweep, looking at coverage of schools, public and private, non-school recreational sports such as Pop Warner, and in a few instances covering non-school sports on public property.
  • "Return to Learn" laws require a protocol in schools for the gradual return to cognitive performance, often students receive special status based on their concussion.
  • A few states have passed laws requiring teams to limit full contact practices based on time.
  • This involves legislation requiring coaches to receive certification that they have received education on concussions and injury prevention.
  • Safe Kids strongly favors extending coverage of return to play laws below the high school level and age.
  • It is often not recognized that some forms of cheerleading can lead to serious concussions.
  • Extending the educational requirements for referees, nurses and other school personnel is a positive direction.

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