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Get Involved

Get involved and together we can help save kids around the worldIt’s a kid’s job to be curious, explore and discover. It’s our job to keep kids as safe as possible while they’re at it so they can grow up to do all the great things kids are meant to do.

And we need your help.

We know you’re busy with many demands on your time, so we’ll make it easy for you. Because even if you have just a minute, there is something you can do to make a big impact on a child – whether it’s your child or a child around the world who needs our help.

And we can’t think of a better way to spend a minute.

Be a Hero for Kids by Getting Involved in the Following Ways

  1. Take action - You can affect how leaders approach important issues relating to child safety issues. Learn how.
  2. Join the Shout Out Team. We’ll give you a compelling way to keep kids safe, all you have to do is share our weekly quick tips with your family, friends and anyone you know who cares about children.
  3. Share or read a story. If you have a story about an injury, or how an injury was prevented, we'd love to hear it.
  4. Ways to give - Want to make a difference in the life of a child today? Your gift will help Safe Kids protect all kids from serious injuries. Here’s how you can help.
  5. Partner with us. Our partners are corporations, nonprofit organizations, professional associations and government agencies, all working to keep kids safe.
  6. Donate. A generous gift of any size can go a long way to save a child’s life.