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For Parents

We've got tons of information to help new parents learn everything they need to know to keep their kids safe.Welcome to the Safe Kids website.

We know parenting can be great fun but it can also be hard work. We’re here to make it easier.

Think of us as your go-to source for safety information. On this site you’ll find the tips every parent needs to keep their kids safe from preventable injuries.

There are other resources as well, including:

  • Blogs from experts in the field or anyone else with an interesting perspective that can help you.
  • Videos that will entertain as well as educate about the things you need to do to keep your kids safe.
  • Stories from families who share their personal experiences to raise awareness and educate all of us so that no parent has to endure the loss of a child from a preventable injury.
  • Newsletters with interesting stories and important tips of the month. Guaranteed to make you smile at least once.
  • Involvement where you can share compelling videos, blogs and facts with your family, friends, and anyone you know who cares about children. It’s that simple but it will make a big difference.

So enjoy the website. We’ll be updating content daily so tell your friends and keep coming back. Because when it comes to keeping kids safe, we’re all in this together.

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