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Basic Child Passenger Safety Awareness Course Materials

Thank you for your interest in the Safe Kids child passenger safety awareness course. We appreciate your interest in promoting child passenger safety and look forward to providing all the information you will need to help keep kids safe in and around cars.

The PowerPoint presentations includes slides and leader notes (which you are welcome to translate), videos, suggested activities and discussion starters. We encourage you to incorporate local data and stories to make the presentations more powerful.

The class is designed to last approximately 1-2 hours but there is room to modify the curriculum and the length of the class depending on what is appropriate for your attendees and their specific needs.

The presentation is also designed to provide you with basic knowledge to increase awareness of the issue and to promote child passenger safety behaviors. Something as simple as moving a child from a front seat to the back seat can improve crash outcomes, prevent injuries and save lives.

Additional information is available at or

We are always looking for ways to improve the course and your feedback is an important part of that process.  

After each class, please take just a few minutes and complete a short survey for Safe Kids Worldwide:

Thank you. We appreciate your interest and advocacy!