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China's Model School Zone Project

The School

School Name: Huamu Central School
City: Shanghai
Number of Students: 558

The Issue

At Huamu Central School in Shanghai, students face a dangerous walk to and from school due to speeding vehicles, traffic congestion and "school zone" signs that are difficult for drivers to see. Five students have been hit by vehicles while walking to school in 2011. Approximately 84 percent of parents have expressed concern about their children's safety while walking to and from school.

The Project

In partnership with the local police, road traffic engineers, teachers, parents and other community members, Safe Kids China will work to lower the speed of cars and improve traffic flow around the school zone. The project will include the installation of more-visible "speed limit" and "school zone" signs, the creation of a designated student pickup area and enforcement of no-parking areas to alleviate congestion around the school.

Where We Are

Safe Kids China


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