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Decade of Action for Road Safety

Road Safety TagRoad traffic injuries kill more kids between ages 5-14 than HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis or malaria and are the leading cause of death among teens ages 15-19. Each year, more than 133,000 children between ages 5-14 die on roads in developing countries, often on their way to and from school.

Launched in May 2011, the Decade of Action for Road Safety is a United Nations initiative, which aims to reduce road deaths and injuries across the world and save 5 million lives by 2020.

As part of a Decade of Action for Road Safety, Safe Kids Worldwide and FedEx are working together to make routes safer for kids walking to and from school. Through the Model School Zone project, Safe Kids is working with 10 schools in 10 countries (Brazil, Canada, China, India, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand, the United States and Vietnam) to improve infrastructure around schools, educate drivers and families and build partnerships with governments in order to make school zones safer for kids.

In addition, we’re working with local and national governments, NGOs, and communities, to keep kids safe on the road and in cars through our pedestrian safety program, Walk this Way, and our child passenger safety program, Buckle Up

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