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Fall Prevention

Did You Know?

  • Unintentional falls are the number one cause of non-fatal injury for children, and 38 percent of fall-related injuries in children are among kids 4 and under.  
  • The majority of serious falls happen at home. Children are twice as likely to be injured in a fall-related injury at home than at a childcare facility.
  • Boys are more than three times as likely as girls to die from fall-related injuries.
  • Window falls occur more frequently in large urban areas and low-income neighborhoods.

Working for Change

Safe Kids works to educate and spread awareness to parents and caregivers on the importance of creating a safe environment free of hazards that could contribute to serious fall-related injuries or death.  In addition to our national efforts, locally our coalitions conduct workshops and distribute child safety devices such as safety gates and window guards to families in their community.  

Public Policy

Safe Kids monitors legislative action at the state and local levels to promote fall prevention devices on windows in homes. One example of this type of legislation is Laela’s Law in Minnesota, named after two-year-old Laela, who climbed a piece of furniture, pushed open a window screen and fell four stories – and survived the fall. Less than two months later a 2-year-old boy fell out of a window in the same Minneapolis apartment building. Read the Minnesota legislative report

Additional Resources

We also offer the following tools to teach and remind families about falls: