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GM Dealer Resources

Welcome to our resource site for automotive dealers. Here you can find videos and information you can use at your dealership to let customers know about the great work made possible through the Safe Kids Worldwide and General Motors Buckle Up program. 

High-resolution videos are available upon request by clicking the link below each video.

Download this great guide on using our resources in your dealership: {Dealer engagement document would go here}

Safe Kids and Chevrolet: Working Together


Request the Dealer Engagement Video (238 MB)

Car Seat Certification Event from Safe Kids Alaska


Request the Car Seat Certification Event Video (238 MB)

Gary on the Street: Heatstroke


Request the Heatstroke Video (238 MB)

Bubble Wrap: Having Trouble Installing Your Car Seat? We Can Help.


Request the Bubble Wrap Video (238 MB)

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