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Medicine Safety for Families

New Research

Ask most parents, and they'll tell you they know to keep medicine where kids can't get into it. But every 8 minutes, or 64,000 times each year, a young child goes to the emergency department for medicine poisoning.

To understand what is happening in the home that is putting children at risk, Safe Kids conducted a research study, Keeping Families Safe Around Medicine. What we've learned may surprise you. Here is some important information that will help you keep kids safe around medicine.

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Most parents and grandparents know to keep medicine up and away from children. But it's the exceptions ‒that one time when you leave your medicine in reach of a child ‒that leads to a call to the Poison Help Number, a call that happens every minute of every day. Here are some tips for protecting your child.


Medicine safety tips


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You may be surprised to learn that most visits to the emergency room by young children for medicine poisoning are due to kids getting into medicine belonging to a parent or grandparent. Do you have pills in purses or medicine on your nightstand? Here is a quick quiz to see how medicine-ready your home is for kids.

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