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Mrs. Davis

Mrs. Davis is an exemplary person! She is not just a crossing guard, but a supervisor. Technically she shouldn't even be going to help with the crossing station but due to staffing issues with crossing guards, she is regularly covering different areas. Mrs. Davis has phenomenal skills when dealing with kids.

Some of those skills come from the 13+ years of being a special education teacher in the Ogden City School District. Mrs. Davis also hosts bike rodeos where she teaches kids bike safety. In her bike rodeos, she utilizes volunteers who are special needs to help her put on the whole show. Mrs. Davis goes above and beyond with everything she does in her job and her home life. Mrs. Davis deals with health issues not just with her family but also herself. Through all the personal obstacles that she faces she continues to smile and put on a happy face when she is at work.

She is the "nice lady officer" who is known for diving a police truck and will give away gift cards, prizes, etc to kids that she sees being safe. If Mrs. Davis sees a kid riding a bike who has no bike helmet, she will take the time to find out their situation and give them a free bike helmet.

She is a strong advocate for kids and their safety in this city and county.