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Mrs. Fawcett

Mrs. Fawcett is a Community Resource Officer for Ogden City Police Department. She recruits, interviews, hires and trains crossing guards. She also is a crossing guard when she needs to be. She also coordinates a does Bike and Pedestrian Safety Assemblies for the Elementary Schools. She trains volunteers that help her throughout the year with Bike and Pedestrian Rodeos. This year, she served approximately 900 children in the community with the help on 1 staff and 118 volunteers.

They held 6 trainings, we also held a refresher training before every rodeo due to volunteer turnover. Mrs. Fawcett and her volunteers held 8 safety presentations, 15 rodeos, and 5 helmet give aways. We were able to pass out over 500 helmets this year between helmet give aways, rodeos and the kids she stopped while riding without a helmet. The one thing that stood out to me this year was a young man who was in Walmart with what look to be his younger sister said, "that’s officer Fawcett you need help she will help you. She even has a machine that will pump up your flat tires." I would be so Excited to see Mrs. Fawcett receive the recognition she deserves!