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Poison Safety Useful Links

American Association of Poison Control Centers - Members are the U.S. 57 poison centers and other poison-related organizations. AAPCC's goal is to advance members' public health mission and health care roles.

Choose Your Poison: 'Pills v. Candy" Quiz from CA Poison Control -Game from the California Poison Control System. Three levels of difficulty demonstrate that pills, poisons and candy can all look alike.

Disposal of Unused Medicines-What You Should Know - Disposal options and some special disposal instructions to consider when throwing out expired, unwanted, or unused medicines.

Drug Enforcement Administration Toolbox - Downloadable posters, bus ads, web buttons, handouts and other materials to promote National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day.

Medication Safety Program: CDC - Medication safety program of the CDC. Includes key facts, campaigns and initiatives, medication safety resources, information for parents of young children.

My Safe Home: Poison Prevention - Online tool helps families detect dangers in their home. The poison section gives tips for the kitchen, bathroom ,living room, hallway, laundry room and pool

National Take Back Initiative - DEA - Aims to provide a safe, convenient,  responsible means for disposal of prescription drugs and educate the general public about possible prescription drug abuse.

Safe Drug Disposal - Educates patients on how to dispose of left-over or expired medicines safely, raises awareness about the potential impact of improperly disposed medications.

Up and Away Brochure-CDC - Downloadable pamphlet contains facts, information and advice on keeping children safe from accidental medication overdose.

Up and Away Poster-CDC - Downloadable poster reminds parents and caregivers to keep medications and vitamins out of children's sight and reach.

Up Up and Away: Center for Disease Control - Educational program reminds families of importance of safe medicine storage. Provides information and advice on keeping children safe from medication overdose.

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