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Preventing Bicycle, Skateboard and other Wheeled-Sport Injuries

Did You Know?

  • Every two minutes, a child is treated in an emergency room for an unintentional cycle-related incident.
  • More children are seen in emergency rooms for injuries related to riding toys than any other toy.
  • Helmet use is the most effective way to reduce bicycle-related fatalities.
  • Non-motorized scooters cause more injuries to kids than any other toy.
  • If 85% of all children wore helmets every time they rode their bike for one year, an average of $109 to $142 million in lifetime medical costs would be saved.

Working For Change

Safe Kids works with its coalitions to host events such as Bike to School Day in communities throughout the country. These events aim to raise awareness about bicycling and walking safety by distributing information materials, retro-reflective stickers and bike helmets to promote safely biking to school, proper helmet fit and creating safe routes to school.

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Public Policy

Our programs are complemented by our public policy efforts. Safe Kids advocates for strong bike helmet laws throughout the nation and opposes efforts in some jurisdictions to repeal bike helmet laws. Safe Kids also supports Safe Routes to School and is advocating to restore funding and prioritize this program on policy makers’ agendas.


Safe Kids works closely with Bell Sports on the bike safety program.  Bell is a company that has led the way in sports and safety. 

Additional Resources

We also offer specific tools to teach and remind families about bike and skate safety: