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Children's Product Recalls March 2015

Safe Kids is committed to keeping you informed about recalls of products which can put kids at risk. The Safe Kids’ recall center is a unique place parents and caregivers can go to see recalls of all products in a kid’s environment—otherwise you must look at multiple sites.

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Top Recalls

March 31, 2015 CPSC: Blinds To Go is voluntarily recalling its custom-made window shades because the shade&rsquo:s chain or cord loop can slip out of its device and pose a strangulation hazard for small children. Units: 200,000.

March 27, 2015 CPSC: Lands&rsquo: End is voluntarily recalling 25 styles of its pajamas for toddlers and children ages 3 to 20 months because of violation of Federal Flammability Standard posing a risk of burn injuries to children. Units: 173,000

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>March 31, 2015 CPSC: Bauer Hockey is voluntarily recalling its Hockey Goalie Masks and Replacement Wires because of facial impact and laceration hazards when metal wires in cages break. Units: 2,500 in the US and Canada.

March 31, 2015 CPSC: Giant Factories is voluntarily recalling its Gas Water Heaters because of  a risk of fire and explosion when its flame device fails. Units: About 240.

March 26, 2015 CPSC: Specialized Bicycle Components is voluntarily recalling Aerobars Bicycle Handlebars because of a fall hazard to the rider when the bolt to the front bars loosens. Units: 8,300.

March 25, 2015 CPSC: Linon Home Décor Products is voluntarily recalling its foldable Outdoor Wood Bistro Patio Chairs because of a fall hazard when consumer sits on the edge of the seat. Units: 3,300.

March 19, 2015 CPSC: Spinrite is voluntarily recalling its Bernat Tizzy Yarn because of an entanglement hazard if yarn unravels or snags. Units: 840,000 in the US and Canada.

Breaking Recall

March 17, 2015 FDA: Kraft Foods is voluntarily recalling about 242,000 cases (6.5 million boxes) of the original flavor Macaroni & Cheese because some might be contaminated with small pieces of metal They are sold throughout the U,S., and some countries of the Caribbean and South America.

<March 12, 2015 CSPC: Levels of Discovery is voluntarily recalling its airplane rocker toy because pieces can break off causing a choking ha zard. Units: 150

March 12, 2015 CSPC: M&M’S World Store is voluntarily recalling its youth loungewear pants because of violation of federal flammability standards. Units: 19,000

March 12, 2015 CSPC: Westinghouse Lighting is voluntarily recalling glass shade holders because of risk of electrical shock; sold exclusively at Home Depot stores. Units: 5,000

March 11, 2015 CSPC: Kroger is voluntarily recalling Kid’s Korner children’s zipper hooded sweatshirts because of choking hazard when zipper detaches. Units: 140,000

March 11, 2015 CSPC: SCARPA North America is voluntarily recalling ski boots with Tronic System because of fall hazard when the boot switches between ski and walk mode. Units: 2,350 in the U.S. and Canada.

March 11, 2015 CPSC: Urban Outfitters is voluntarily recalling its Cheeky Teacups because of a fire hazard when microwaved. Units: 13,370 in the U.S. and Canada.

March 10, 2015 CPSC: K.J. Sportswear California is voluntarily recalling its children’s pajamas because of a violation of the federal flammability standard. Units: 9,200

March 4, 2015 CPSC: Dirt Devil is voluntarily recalling its hand vac turbo because the interior fan can break and eject from the housing, and cause a laceration hazard. Units: 24,500 in U.S. and Canada.

March 4, 2015 CPSC: KTM North America is voluntarily recalling children’s PJs for violation of the flammability standard. Units: 2,800

March 3, 2015 CPSC: Dream on Me is voluntarily recalling its 2-in-1 cradle bassinets because the supporting wires can disconnect causing fabric sides to lower and cause both fall and suffocation hazards. Units: 13,000

March 3, 2015 CPSC: Flow Sports Inc. is voluntarily recalling its 2014 Flite-series snowboard bindings because a pin can disengage and cause the binding to open posing a fall hazard. Units: 10,400

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