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Pre-Teens At Play

Skating/Skateboarding Safety for Pre-Teens

Learn tips to keep your child safe as they skate or skateboardYour kids are getting the hang of rollerblading or skateboarding. The best way to let them keep pushing their limits is to make sure they’re protected against a serious injury. 

Top Safety Tips

  1. Every skater should wear a helmet. Wrist guards, knee pads and elbow pads are a good idea for everyone, but especially for beginners. Mouth guards are good protection against broken teeth.
  2. Limit skating to bike paths or areas set aside in public parks. Kids should ride on smooth, dry surfaces located in a well-lit area away from traffic.
  3. Teach kids to check skates and boards for problems before each use. If there are any cracked, loose or broken parts, the item should not be used until it is repaired.
  4. Teach children to minimize the impact of a fall by crouching down as they lose balance to reduce the distance to the surface.