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Safety Tips

Battery Safety for Babies

Protect your baby from the dangers of swallowing batteries.Babies are naturally curious and are constantly discovering new things, such as your smartphone, keys or new watch. Learn how to keep babies safe around small batteries and battery-powered devices that could be harmful if accidentally ingested.

Top Safety Tips

  1. Keep small electronics or devices that use button batteries out of reach of small children. These include remote controls, key fobs, watches, pocket calculators, musical greeting cards and flameless candles.
  2. While the best thing to do is to keep these items away from young kids, if you know your children are natural explorers, secure your battery-controlled devices and keep them up and away and out of reach.
  3. If you suspect your child has ingested a battery, go to the hospital immediately. Don't induce vomiting or have your child eat or drink anything until assessed by a medical professional.
  4. The symptoms may be tricky to recognize (they include coughing, drooling and discomfort), so if you have even the smallest doubt, don't take any chances. Go to the emergency room right away.
  5. Enter the National Battery Ingestion Hotline (202-625-3333)into your phone right now. Call anytime for additional treatment information.