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Car and Road Safety for Babies

Frontover and Backovers

Top Safety Tips to Avoid Frontovers and Backovers

Front-overs and Back-overs injuries happen most frequently to small children - be on the lookout before you start the car!

  1. Before you know it, babies who were only crawling a while ago are now quick and run outside after you. Check around the car for kids before you get in to start your drive.
  2. We know you’re often in a hurry, but before you get in your car, take a few seconds to walk all the way around your parked car to check for neighborhood kids near the car or children on bikes nearby. 
  3. When checking for kids around your vehicle, see if anything that could attract a child, such as a pet, bike or toy, is under or behind your vehicle before getting in and starting the engine.
  4. Driveways are not a good playground for kids. Unexpected delivery vans and moving cars make it a risky place to play.