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Passenger Safety for Pre-Teens

Passenger Safety for Pre-Teens

Talk to your pre-teen about how to be safe in the carKeeping Your Pre-teen Safe in Cars

  1. Kids are VIPs. Just ask them. We know VIPs ride in the back seat, so keep all kids in the back seat until they are 13.
  2. Wear your seat belt. When adults wear seat belts, kids wear seat belts. Be sure everyone in the vehicle buckles up, too. Setting that good example starts when kids turn forward facing in the car after age 2 or more. Your child has been watching what you do for years!
  3. Talk about riding with others. Talk to your kids about riding with experienced drivers who do not drink or do drugs. Explain what “experienced” means and discuss your family rules with your child. Teach your child to buckle up in anyone’s car when you are not there to protect them.
  4. Team up with the other parents of your kid’s friends. Set common rules (curfew, number kids in a car, seat belt use) so all the kids have the same rules and avoid peer pressure.
  5. Driving before you know it. Your pre-teen will be driving before you know it. Learn how to help them get ready to drive.

Finding the Safest Way to Ride for Your Pre-teen

  1. Booster seats. Many pre-teens still need to ride in a booster. Smaller kids may need to use a booster seat when they are between 8-12.
  2. Seat belt. Find out if your child is ready for a seat belt.