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Water Safety for Teens

Water Safety for Teens

Tips to keep your teens safe while playing in water.Older kids get a kick out of doing cannonballs and generally having fun in the water. Help keep kids safe with these simple tips.

Top Safety Tips

  1. Whether you're swimming in a backyard pool or in a lake, teach children to swim with a partner, every time. Do not allow children to swim alone.
  2. Make sure your home pool or spa has a proper drain cover or shut-off function to prevent long hair, loose clothing or body parts from getting trapped. For new pools or hot tubs, install multiple drains or use a no-drain circulation system.
  3. Regularly check to make sure drain covers are secure and have no cracks, and replace flat drain covers with dome-shaped ones.
  4. Teach your children pool rules, such as never playing or swimming near drains or suction outlets.
  5. Have your children learn CPR. It's a skill that will serve them for a lifetime.
  6. Depending on your child’s age and maturity level, stay alert at public pools. Don’t assume someone else is watching your child.
  7. Here are a few more water safety tips around public pools, in the ocean, at lakes or other bodies of water