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Start Safe Program

Young children are at an increased risk for injury and death resulting from motor vehicle collisions, pedestrian collisions, drowning, fires and burns. The Start Safe program was designed to give preschool teachers, fire and life safety educators, and other safety experts the tools they need to reach preschool children and their families. The Start Safe program offers free resources that were created to meet the learning needs of young children and adults with low literacy skills. The materials are available in both English and Spanish.

Safe Kids’ coalitions provide training and resources and conduct car seat check up events for parents and caregivers of Head Start center students.

Currently, Safe Kids Worldwide offers three components to the Start Safe program:

Start Safe: Fire

Start Safe: Water

Start Safe: Travel

Early childhood educators can use the Start Safe program to present classroom lessons that help young children learn to recognize and stay away from fire and burn hazards, how to ride the school bus safely, how to be a safe occupant and safe pedestrian, and how to make safe decisions in and around water. Educators and other safety experts can also use the Start Safe program materials to help parents and caregivers make their homes safer.