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Gun Safety Tips

Store Guns and Ammunition Safely

  1. Keep guns out of the reach and out of sight of children by storing them securely. Leaving guns unsecured – on a nightstand, table, or other place where a child can gain access – can lead to injuries and fatalities.
  2. Store guns unloaded and secured with effective, child-resistant gun locks in a locked container out of the reach and sight of children.
  3. Store ammunition in a separate locked container out of the reach and sight of children.
  4. Use combination locks and safes, or safes that use fingerprint recognition locks. Keep the combinations carefully hidden.
  5. When a gun is not being stored, keep it in your immediate possession and control at all times. Otherwise, store the gun unloaded, locked and separate from ammunition.
  6. If you carry a gun in your car, make sure to outfit your vehicle with a lockable container so you can securely store the gun when you exit the vehicle.
  7. If a visitor has a gun in a backpack, briefcase, handbag or an unlocked car, provide them with a place to store it securely (locked, unloaded, and separate from ammunition) while they are in your home.
  8. If a family member or loved one is in crisis and may be a risk to themselves or others, consider temporarily removing firearms from your home. Such crises can involve people who are depressed, suicidal, or abusing drugs or alcohol.

Talk to Your Kids and Their Caregivers

  1. Explain to your kids how a gun they see on television or a video game is different from a gun in real life. “A gun, in real life, can really hurt people.”
  2. Teach kids that if they see or find a gun to immediately tell an adult about it. Urge them not to touch it.   
  3. Talking to children about gun safety is important, but it is not a substitute for storing guns securely.
  4. Talk to the grandparents and parents of your children’s friends about guns in the home and how to safely store and secure them.

Dispose of Guns You Don't Need

  1. If you decide that you no longer need a gun in your home, dispose of it in a safe way. Consult with local law enforcement on the best way to do so.

Other Kinds of “Guns”

  1. Apply similar care to non-powder and air-soft guns including BB guns, paintball guns and pellet guns. Used improperly, these other kinds of “guns” can cause serious injuries, particularly to the head, neck, abdomen or eyes.

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