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Sports Safety 101: Are AEDs Available during Practices and Games?


An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is used to rescue a person suffering from cardiac arrest. It’s an important tool to have on hand during practices and games if a child is not responsive, not breathing and does not have a pulse.
Below are some quick tips to help you locate an AED to ensure the proper equipment is available when your child is participating in sports.  

Talk to your child’s coach.

  • Is he/she CPR and AED certified?
  • If not, who is certified and present during practices and games? 
  • Where is the nearest AED available during home and away events? 

Consider these action steps to help ensure an AED is available in your community.

  • Contact field organizers/owners for information about the availability of AEDs.
  • Encourage sports organizations to do research in advance of the season to schedule games and practices at locations that have an AED available.
  • Work with your local Parks and Recreation department to learn their process for supplying AEDs.
  • Contact foundations that donate or assist communities in getting access to AEDs.
  • Raise funds (or request an increase in sports registration costs) to help your local youth sports organization purchase an AED. Most AEDs cost around $2,200- $4,000.