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Sports Safety 101: Are AEDs Available during Practices and Games?

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is used to rescue a person suffering from cardiac arrest. It’s an important tool to have on hand during practices and games if a child is not responsive, not breathing and does not have a pulse. Every 3 days, another young athlete in the United States dies from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Below are some quick tips to help you locate an AED in your community and ensure the proper equipment is available when your child is participating in sports.

Talk to your child’s coach.

  • Is he/she CPR and AED certified?
  • If not, who is certified and present during practices and games? 
  • Where is the nearest AED available during home and away events? 

Consider these action steps to help ensure an AED is available in your community.

  • Contact field organizers/owners for information about the availability of AEDs.
  • Encourage sports organizations to do research in advance of the season to schedule games and practices at locations that have an AED available.
  • Work with your local Parks and Recreation department to learn their process for supplying AEDs.
  • Contact foundations that donate or assist communities in getting access to AEDs.
  • Raise funds: is a crowdfunding site dedicated to placing AED devices where kids learn and play. Now, anyone can create a campaign for their school, community center or sports club. By raising $1,100, GotAED will have an AED and cabinet delivered to your door to be placed where needed. Visit to learn more. 

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